Can you find this sweater?

My aunt is looking for a pattern for a sweater like this one. It was knitted by my paternal grandmother for my cousin, and it’s his son wearing it in this picture (I cut out his face as he’s not my kid!). My Aunt would like to knit a sweater like this for her new grandchild to be, but she doesn’t know where to find a pattern.

Another hint is that my cousin was born in 1973, so the sweater pattern probably dates to that era (or before!) . It looks like it was knit in the round around the shoulders, but the buttoned placket on the front wouldn’t be part of that.

Simon Sweater

Any ideas? Hopefully you can leave comments on here, or post on the knittyboard! thanks!


Weekend Update

It’s January 28th. I’ve spent the day trying to hack away at the pile of writing that is my master’s thesis. I’ve got 21 single spaced pages of results and discussion – some of those are pictures/figures/graphs – right now. I have a version of the literature survey from my transfer report that will need polishing. I have the methods written, just need the exact names and model numbers of some of the equipment and that will be done.

There’s hope! I plan to have this done before D’s birthday on the 18th of February. Actually, I should have it done before the 17th, because I’m throwing him a party that afternoon/evening. That’s 20 days. I can do this. The new supervisor has let me back off a bit on cramming in new knowledge – I think it’s starting to push out old knowledge.

What else. D and I got rid of my clothing shelves today. 10 years ago, I moved into the dining room of an apartment at university. As a dining room it had no closet, so I bought 2 sets of ikea shelves and used an old skipole as a hanging rod between them. They held my clothes (no dresser!) for 10 years. Yesterday we purchased a closet organiser and managed to fit all of our clothes into our really small closet, so the shelves are gone!

Now the wall at the end of the bend looks empty – it used to have the shelves, now it’s totally bare. It’s what you see when you walk down the hall, so we’ll have to figure something out, but it’s the end of an era. Bye bye shelves – I sanded and stained you so well, you survived many moves and many permutations of organization. I won’t miss dropping stuff down the back of you.

In knitting news, I’m working on something for my secret pal, so I can’t really say much about that. I have string to start socks for D when I’m done with the secret pal’s gifty, and then maybe it’s time to continue knitting for me! I’m trying to decide if I should do kepler as a raglan or not – raglan is so much easier to sew up but set in sleeves look much better on me. I’m knitting it in the round and I can’t decide if I want to do some bust shaping and if so, how to do it. I’m about 5 inches up from the waist band, so I’m going to have to decide soon.

Decisions, decisions.

Time for a kitten update. Ginger’s almost 4 pounds, I couldn’t get near the scale with Fred, but he’s HUGE. Well, huge compared to when we got him. I guess it’s time for a Ginger picture. Here goes…

Ginger helping me with a class presentation

I haven’t shown myself on here yet, so here’s D and my favourite picture of us from the wedding – well, this is the favourite picture that shows our faces… there’s a really good one of us walking away down the back at my parent’s farm, but it doesn’t show us. Maybe another day I’ll show that.Us

A finished Object!

This is far from my first finished object. I think the first one was a rug for my sister’s doll house – I remember it had stripes, vertically. I guess I figured out intarsia on my own in grade 2? Precocious one am I!Anyways, this is my latest finished object. It’s Durrow from magknits by Jodi Green. I made it in Kathmandu Silkroad Aran Tweed, size small. It took 12 balls, but, as others have mentioned, the neck shaping for the size small is all over the place. I was so excited to finish a sweater for my new husbandnow that the sweater curse is done for… I seamed it up, sewed in the end, put it on and he was wearing a lovely boatneck. Not flattering on D. It took 3 tries to get it right and there were 32 ends to sew in just at the neck alone by the time I was done. But it’s done. Phew. Theres two pictures here one of the full body and one of the sleeve detail. I cut of D’s head but he thinks it’s not flattering, so please don’t look to closely at anything that’s not knitted!

DurrowDurrow Sleeves

And for a kitten update, Fred is now almost 6 pounds. He’s become such a doof. Ginger’s a little princess, she always sits prim and proper, while Fred lazes around. The other night he fell asleep on the back of a chair like this:

Fred Lounging

I don’t know how he didn’t fall off the chair.


Well, this isn’t helping much. It’s procrastination from writing my master’s (see goal 2 of yesterday). I’m currently trying to write up a master’s while starting a new project in a completely different area. It’s a lot to keep straight in my mind and I’m finding getting focused very difficult.

There are a lot of distractions for grad students out there now. The internet is full of time wasters. For instance, I just ordered 1300 yards of fingering weight 100% cashmere from Should I use it to make a Clapotis? Should I do something else? Maybe I should spend my time finding that something else?

OK, back to work. I’m sure there will be more later – I need to have a photoshoot with my recently finished objects. There’s been a few and I’ve never had a place to show them off before.

Hello world!

Well, this is it. The start of my blogging career. I’m not sure how much to put out there, I’ll just say I’m a married PhD student/engineer who likes knitting, cooking, snowboarding and biking. I’m not sure which of snowboarding or biking is my offseason sport, so don’t ask.

My goals for this year are 3-fold:

1. Bike the distance of the Tour de France

2. Finish writing up my Master’s – yes, there’s a story about how I’m a PhD student without a master’s but I’m not ready to write it out yet.

3. Do something with the garden out back.

This blog is to keep me honest and on track.


I will start with a picture of our kittens on the day we brought them home. That makes it a real blog right?