A finished Object!

This is far from my first finished object. I think the first one was a rug for my sister’s doll house – I remember it had stripes, vertically. I guess I figured out intarsia on my own in grade 2? Precocious one am I!Anyways, this is my latest finished object. It’s Durrow from magknits by Jodi Green. I made it in Kathmandu Silkroad Aran Tweed, size small. It took 12 balls, but, as others have mentioned, the neck shaping for the size small is all over the place. I was so excited to finish a sweater for my new husbandnow that the sweater curse is done for… I seamed it up, sewed in the end, put it on and he was wearing a lovely boatneck. Not flattering on D. It took 3 tries to get it right and there were 32 ends to sew in just at the neck alone by the time I was done. But it’s done. Phew. Theres two pictures here one of the full body and one of the sleeve detail. I cut of D’s head but he thinks it’s not flattering, so please don’t look to closely at anything that’s not knitted!

DurrowDurrow Sleeves

And for a kitten update, Fred is now almost 6 pounds. He’s become such a doof. Ginger’s a little princess, she always sits prim and proper, while Fred lazes around. The other night he fell asleep on the back of a chair like this:

Fred Lounging

I don’t know how he didn’t fall off the chair.