Can you find this sweater?

My aunt is looking for a pattern for a sweater like this one. It was knitted by my paternal grandmother for my cousin, and it’s his son wearing it in this picture (I cut out his face as he’s not my kid!). My Aunt would like to knit a sweater like this for her new grandchild to be, but she doesn’t know where to find a pattern.

Another hint is that my cousin was born in 1973, so the sweater pattern probably dates to that era (or before!) . It looks like it was knit in the round around the shoulders, but the buttoned placket on the front wouldn’t be part of that.

Simon Sweater

Any ideas? Hopefully you can leave comments on here, or post on the knittyboard! thanks!


One comment

  1. Hi. So this morning at 4:30 I was looking for exactly this same kind of neckline and found it in an old issue of Vogue Knitting. It’s a men’s issue – Volume 20, Number 2, Special 2002. Hope you find it! If not, is there a way that I can send you the info? do let me know – Stephanie

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