The reason I’m exhausted

What a weekend. We’ve been busy at the Casa M-P. Our Casa is a lovely place, but to keep it that way and to improve it slightly, some small things have to be done.

The view out of our front window on Saturday morning looked like this.


The reason? A large tree planted way too close to the house by a previous owner. While it looks lovely, it was impeding our way up the front walk and up the driveway. I like trees, but this one was the wrong tree in the wrong place. It had to go.


My family assembled (minus my sister who is in Dublin still). We set about removing lower branches, then at 10:30 Saturday morning, the tree came down.


We’ve had experience taking trees down in the past – we had a wood burning stove to provide most of the heat to our house growing up so many weekends were spent filling the woodshed. This was different because it was in the city and we had to avoid taking out the hydro wires.

Then there was the problem of what to do with a 35 foot tree’s worth of branches.


We borrowed D’s step-father’s truck and drove them up to my parent’s place in only 3 trips and put them through my father’s new chipper.

One big tree became one pile of chips and needles about 4 feet high and wide.


That’s why I’m exhausted – that and cleaning the house in a frenzy this morning because I’d forgotten I’d invited an old friend over to watch the final stage of the Tour de France. It’s become a tradition for us to meet up, eat croissants, catch up and watch the ceremonial stage. Then D dragged me out for a 32 km ride with some killer hills. The legs aren’t liking the hike up from the basement right now while I do laundry.

In good news, I have to sew on the arms and do the tubular cast off on the neckline and I’ll be done my Kepler sweater. That and we can see out our living room window again!



Dog days of summer

It’s been dry here. Our grass is yellow. The flowers are wilting. No significant rain for 3 weeks until Thursday when we had an amazing storm. One minute it was quiet, the next WHOOSH it was raining. It went in cycles of heavy rain and no rain for about 2 hours, so I think it drenched everything. Hopefully it will wake me up from the duldrums of July.

It’s tour time and we’ve been spending a lot of time on our rear ends in front of the TV. D’s actually napped through some of it, but I’m knitting away furiously at Kepler so I’m staying awake. With ~3 hours a day of knitting time I should have this done by the end of the tour in time to start a vest with the cotton I got in Spain.

Biking wise – yeah. Done none in a month. Life intervened and once I realised that I wasn’t going to finish the tour I got really bummed. Today we got in a quick ride tomorrow I’ll bike to school and hand in draft 2 of the thesis of doom.

Knittingwise, I finished the honeymoon socks. Very comfy. Knitpicks wool in a colour called Mesa that was discontinued a long time ago. Can’t find the details, so you’ll have to trust me.

Last weekend we were at a different cottage and D got some great pictures of hummingbirds. While he was taking them he kept saying “this is for your blog”, so blog, here are the hummingbird pictures.