i’m done my christmas knitting. 1 month in advance. obviously i can’t show you anything. phew.


Blog stalking Breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal at the Casa M-P. If I don’t eat within an hour of waking, I am cranky and could get a migraine. Yup, it really is breaking a fast for me and I have woken up just because I’m hungry.

There’s two main types of breakfast around here – weekday and weekend. Weekday is usually OJ, cereal and milk for me, but I’ve lately realised that I need some protein as well or I’m starving at about 9:30. Weekend is a bagel or pancakes or waffles.

However, there’s been a big shakeup in breakfast around here. See D doesn’t usually eat a formal breakfast on weekdays. He’d take a little pot of yogurt and a granola bar to work but it was getting old. Also, when we’re on the bikes in the morning milk and OJ doesn’t make a good combination on the tummy. So we were on the search for a new and better breakfast when the September 2007 issue of Bicycling magazine appeared in the mailbox. It has an article called “Your Best-Bet Breakfasts”. There are 4 different breakfasts depending on when you’re riding and what type of ride it will be.

We’ve adapted the High Intensity Fuel on for us as we’re high intensity type of people. This is listed for short (under 2 hour) fast rides in the morning. Honestly, we’ve started doing it alternating days because it’s yummy.

The meal is a smoothie, a piece of toast with jam and a cup of liquid, be it coffee, tea or sports drink. The yummiest part is the smoothie and in true Pioneer Woman style I’ve made a tutorial in an attempt to convert you to the smoothie way.

The ingredients for 2 smoothies are 1 banana (frozen or fresh), 1 cup berries (we pick out the blackberries from a frozen selection because they make it taste raunchy) 1 cup OJ and 1 cup plain low fat yogurt. We add honey to taste and some fibre supplement because that keeps everything “happy” if you know what I mean.


Add to blender and puree/blend


It’s really hard to get a representative picture of a blender in action

Pour into glass. img_1403-blog.jpg

Insert straw (this step is imperative for optimal smiles first thing in the morning). This mug was the favour at my cousin’s wedding. Each hand painted and fits a breakfast smoothie perfectly.

I then drink this while reading the paper and eating the toast.


Then I put water and soap in the blender, whizz it around and take it apart to dry. It’s ready for another day.

Easy, delicious, healthy and gets us going great.

I should also point out that there is help in cleaning up the spoon used to measure the yogurt. Fred LOVES yogurt. He now stands on his hind legs and tries to knock the yogurt tub off the counter when it’s out. This is his reward from his female human that spoils him too much.


I haven’t had much knitting content lately as it’s all been Christmas stuff and you never know who has access to your blog. Suffice to say I’m on the home stretch and just put in a big knitpicks order because I can and the high Canadian dollar (relative to the US dollar) made it not horribly expensive.

My plan is to learn Fair Isle knitting to do the Ivy League Vest from the new Interweave Knits. It’s so lovely, but it will be a huge challenge for me.

blogstalker weeks 5 6 & 7

OK, I’m way behind. Here’s trying to catch up 3 weeks in 1 post.

#5 was an interesting statue. I had to go out of my office to get this one. The first is from the central quad on campus. It’s a person reaching up to flying birds. I’m an engineer. I don’t do symbolism. If it’s a conch shell, it’s a conch shell (Lord of the Flies reference from grade 11 english there). The statue was donated in honour of one of the men who also has a building named after him on campus. I picked this one because I have seen it with a knit cap on the head and a scarf around the neck.


I always thought this was a sculpture, but after taking the picture I was close enough to find out that it’s actually a Steel Construction Teaching Aid. I swear that it was orange when I started at the university 5 years ago, but who knows. I think my office is the window in the upper right corner .


A typical day in the life of B goes something like this.

7:10 – radio goes on, D swats radio, B doesn’t notice

7:19 – radio goes on, D swats radio, B stirs

7:28 – radio goes on, D swats radio, B realises that was the real thing and waking up better commence.

7:32 – shower

7:45 – eat breakfast while reading the paper

8:05 – get dressed, perform other morning ablutions, get lunch together, pet cats

8:25 – leave house

9 am arrive on campus and await my chariot to actually take me TO campus (this was going to be a thing I hate, but I’ll put the shuttle picture here- the parking situation on campus means I have to park away and take a shuttle. Of course there are always a million shuttles when you’re just ambling home. Should you be late for a doctor’s appointment? They’re all on break.)


9:15 – 11:55 – check e-mail, TA students, do research type stuffs (experiments in labs, read papers, prepare samples for the microscope)

11:55 – find if E is on for lunch

noon – to the lunchroom! YAY! 1 hour of being human again!!

1 pm – back to the salt mines (it’s really not that bad though!)

3 pm – can I leave yet or will it look bad?

3:15 pm – I stayed till 6 yesterday

3:20 – eat something – that’s why you’re going crazy

5 pm – leave school, ride shuttle back to car

5:30 – arrive home, start dinner or veg on couch

5:50 – D arrives home, either eat or go to gym/for run

7 pm – place rear on couch. Attempt to not move rear till 9:59

10pm- brush teeth, go to bed.

10:10 -read

10:20 switch to book light to not disturb D

11pm (or later depending on book!) – turn out light.

Lather rinse repeat.

Variety is provided by Departmental Seminars and lunch with friends on Wednesdays, Class in TO on Mondays, Weekends have a completely different schedule and Life seems to always intervene to change it up somehow.

Oldest Picture of Me


The back says “B Spring 79”, so I was just over a year old.  This is the back 40 on my parent’s farm where I grew up.

What has kept me from blogstalking assignments?  Life!  We have new windows, the repainting took a while.  I got sick, school took off – you know, life!  Hopefully I can stay on track this week with what’s for breakfast, but I’m done for now. TTYL!