Get out the thermometers, I’ve got knitting content

It’s been a while. I started this blog to show off my knitting to the world and it got a bit off track. On Sunday I finally got outside and took a few good pictures of my knitting.

OK. That’s a lie. D took pictures, so he should get the credit. I did put everything down creatively though.

First up, one of my recent finished objects. It’s the Shetland Triangle from Scarf Style. I did more repeats than the pattern calls for and used Knitpick’s gloss, about 2.5 balls. I LOVE THIS SHAWL! I get so many compliments on it when I wear it.



For months I’ve been mentioning I need to show my rusted root. In a fit of insanity, I decided to do it in Berocco’s Ultra Alpaca. Totally different than the yarn called for. I didn’t get the puffy sleeves, but I am really happy with the way this sweater turned out. For all that Fred loves the gauge swatch, he only attacks the sweater when it’s wet on the drying rack.


On the needles are:

Pomatomus socks for Me – Yarn is Koigu from D’s dad and stepmom. Almost done sock #1.


In the working on in (longterm) file is the Ivy League vest. I’m at row 48 right now. At row 62, I split for the neck and things start to get really exciting. There’s steeks in my future.


Finally, a souvenir from our trip last week – Collinette Jitterbug. Unfortunately the yarn store had already wound it into the ball so I have no idea what the colourway is, but I had to go back and get it.



Bad Blogger, no cookie

I’m so very tired, but I can’t sleep.

We vacationed in Colorado last week at Aspen for the SES with Bomber . Let me tell you, carrying a bag labeled “Bomber Online” through US customs in Canada gets ALL of your bags thoroughly searched. D thought he had covered all the Bombers on the bags with duct tape but it turns out he missed one and I had it pointed at the customs and immigration officer as I talked to him. Oops. Everything made it though, all is well.

It’s been a sad week at the Casa M-P. D’s Nana died Tuesday morning and former classmate’s younger sister committed suicide last week. I’ve had sad people everywhere. At school I’m getting asked a lot about mourning and grieving in North American culture from foreign students who want to express their condolences to the classmate without causing more pain. I’ve learned a lot about how their cultures grieve, but some of the direct translations of proverbs from other languages can be shocking to my ears so I’m glad they asked before speaking with classmate.

Here at home, Nana was 97 and lived a good life. She held on till D’s brother returned from Japan then passed in her sleep. D’s mom said she looks so peaceful. We’ve got the funeral on Friday then we’re going to have a family takeout Chinese dinner here so tomorrow night I need to do a runaround clean to make the house a bit more “in-law ready”.

As a result, school has fallen by the wayside this week and I think that’s why I’m having trouble sleeping. I’ve got a large document to write – I was supposed to have it done early last term, now it’s the middle of this term and it’s not done. I think I’m going to be doing a lot of late night typing on it till it’s done. For some reason I do my best stuff when I’m exhausted in the middle of the night. Not a good precedent to set, but it works, so I’m screwed on sleep.

Knitting wise, I finished a little something for my downstream SP, but I forgot to take pictures before I mailed it. I’m plugging away on the ivy league vest – I should try to get pictures this weekend – it goes really fast when I work on it! I’m spit splicing in the new colours as they come along and I think I spend more time splicing than knitting! Ginger really likes it as I have a glass of water for her to drink from at the couch while I knit. She’s providing the spit! for traveling I’m working on a pair of Pomatomus from some Koigu my in-laws got me for christmas. The visit was followed by some shopping at their LYS where I bought some nice sock yarn, then I bought more in Aspen. I’m in trouble. Need more knitting time! Need more School time!

Secret Pal Package!

It’s been a while. That’s compounded with me pressing the wrong button and deleting an ENTIRE post. I’d just said “I should save this” and didn’t and now it’s gone.

I got a lovely surprise last Monday. The package delivery person brought me the first package from my secret pal. She lives in the UK and that’s as much as I know.

It was a large box packed to the gills.


There’s chocolate, yummy berry tea, glow in the dark starts for geocaching, stitch markers, happysoap, Jaffa cakes, marmite breadsticks, a card with sock monkey instructions, chicken tikka masala spices, oatmeal ginger cookies and yarn.


The yarn is Araucania Ranco solids in Purple. It’s for socks and I can’t WAIT to use it. I’ve needed some solid colours to work with – I get attracted to stripes and varigated, but I like stitch patterns and they get lost in the colours. The other yarn is to be a pair of Jaywalkers and it came it a sheep tin.


It’s Kaffe Fassett Design Line by Regia in the Carribbean colourway. I took a look at Ravelry and there’s some great jaywalkers made out of it.

D and I are busy planning to go to Aspen for 5 days next week, 3 will be actually snowboarding. I needed to get new snowpants and Fred has decided that he wants to learn to ride.

Ginger has decided our Ikea shoe rack/bench in the front hall is a cat sized capsule hotel.
She’s been hanging out there for the past 2 weeks and gets very upset if there are shoes in that compartment. There’s a heating vent right below it so it’s really cozy in there.

D took this picture and thinks it is what would happen if MC Escher drew a picture of her.

Things I need to do? Get on the bike, get a commuting bike, find a hotel in Amsterdam and sleep!