Wowie! SP10 Package #3

The knittyboard SP10 round is drawing to a close and I had an amazing upstream. The final package came to my house on Thursday morning and it’s full of fun.


There’s 800 m of laceweight alpaca. I’m thinking Muir with beads. Fred keeps trying to get this alpaca – it’s the same colour as the gauge swatch from this post. He digs into the box, grabs it, then carries it across the room. I had to put it away. It is very soft though. The brand is Mama Ocllo, I’ve not heard of it before, but it’s very soft. Any other suggestions for what to do with it SP?


There are two balls for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a lovely red. Perfect red. I love the colour. I think this might become the rainy day socks, although something like the shetland triangle might be a nice way to use this lovely colour around my face. Hmmm. I’m getting paralyzed by the possibilities.


The biggest skein is Collinette Jitterbug in the colour “Vatican City”. It’s a barley variegated red and I love it. It’s ever so slightly more orange than the baby cashmerino. Again, no idea what I’ll do with this yet, I have to find the perfect use for every skein and this wonderful skein deserves a very good use.


Besides the yarn, there is a white tea with raspberry, a chocolate bar and some yummy smelling soap (I have the best smelling stash EVER!). To help me drink the tea there’s a teabag holder. I don’t know what to call the little dish that a teabag resides on after it’s steeped the tea, but this one is read and teapot shaped. In the top of the picture you can see a little zippered pouch with the same picture as the tin that came in m first package. This is perfect for holding some darning needles and stitch markers when I go to the local sit and knit and eat and laugh night!

I suspect I know who my SP is, but I don’t want to say until she’s confirmed it with me. I’ll edit once I know for sure. I will say, this has been a great swap. You really did a good job, I’m s happy with all you sent me and I don’t think I”m goign to have to buy yarn for a year! Thank you!

I almost forgot to mention – there’s a box of chocolate cookies. YUMMY!!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m into a crunch with school – deadlines fast approaching and lots of late nights. Not much fun to write about. Our big task lately was repainting and then wallpapering in our bedroom. It took a long time to get the paper in (we ordered it in November) but we finally got the room painted. We need a new duvet cover now, but that’s just finding 2 sheets in the right colour and resewing a new one. If I’m really smart, I’ll use coupons again to get the sheets for this time around. You can see a corner of the old curtains on the left side – do I need to change the colour? They are very burgundy (matching the bedspread).



SP10 package #2

I’ve been negligent and not posted my second SP10 package from Treats4boo. She’s been a doll and sent the most stuffed boxes ever. I tried to put everything back into the box and couldn’t achieve it. It was a lot of fun.

This box came to Canada from the UK in record time. She mentioned sending in on Friday and it appeared on Tuesday morning. There was no jet lag on this package. It started with a card with a picture of an old knitting pattern on the front. It shows 3 women in sweaters, one with a learners “L” in her hand and the caption “Their driving instructor had fled”. What that has to do with knitting, I have no idea.

The package contained yarn! Local(-ish) to her is Aragon Yarns and she sent some Classic Romney from their sheep. Apparently the sheep were all with lamb during her visit and it was very nice. The yarn is hot pick and green, so I hope it is dyed after the shearing! I’ve already used some of it to make a calorimetry (with fewer stitches). It’s really soft and yummy.

She also sent a skein of Kidsilk Haze in a hot pink known as “candy girl”. It’s oh so bright and I have no idea of what to do with it. Any suggestions? Fred has a real affection for this ball, he picks it up and carries it around the house if I leave it out.

There’s a little sheep purse filled with easter eggs, chocolate, tea and lip balm. I’m not usually a cherry fan, but this is so subtle that I have become addicted.

Wait! There’s more! A sewing kit, fridge magnets of animals and cookies! A new set of tiny knitting needles as I broke one. I’m very intrigued by the idea of mustard bath for sore muscles. Will I be extra tasty after marinating in that? There’s socks with skulls and roses! So much lovely stuff!


Thank you treats4boo! You make me feel very special.

This weekend has been great. I finished the first draft of a major document for my PhD. I sent it off this evening and sat down and knit for the rest of the evening. Only a few more documents to get done this week – abstracts, ethics approvals and the like.

We went to a party for D’s step-dad last night. It was a surprise – M’s kids rented a SUV limo and we rode in style to a pub where the rest of his extended family were gathered for fun and drinks. It was a blast! We slept in a bit this morning, then went skating with my classmates and now it’s almost bedtime again.