It’s been a while…

Time sure flies when school gets in the way. I’ve got a lot done in the past few weeks, but I have a lot more to do before I go away in 3.5 weeks to 2 conferences and a wedding. Now quite four weddings and a funeral but the stress is about there.

I’ve been knitting. Finished a pair of Pomatomus socks from knitty. Known around here as the Hippopotamus socks from the other ladies at our local “sketchy” knitting night, they’re Koigu, top down and I had yarn left over. The toes are a little pointy, but what the heck. Also, the heel is different than the pattern calls for because I did them without the pattern in front of me!

Then I did a Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman in Knitpick’s Felici, Clay colourway. This took about 1.25 balls. The Sketchy knitting ladies are all over it – we put in a giant all together knitpicks order and a lot of people were buying yarn for it. I’m quite please with how soft it is.

The remaining yarn was used for an incredibly cute baby hat. There’s no other way to describe it. So adorable. If you’re on ravelry, go have a look here and come back. I can wait. My version doesn’t look nearly as cute because I don’t have a baby to model it. The jacket and the hat are going to my pregnant cousin for her baby due at some point…

Now I’m working on a pair of Charade socks in Colinette Jitterbug, and unknown colourway I purchased in Aspen. To make it a challenge, I’m doing my first 2 at a time on 1 needle and toe up. I think I’ll do a gusseted heel as well.

My at home project is the Aleita shell with the cotton yarn I bought in Spain on our honeymoon last year. It’s Katia Espiga and isn’t the same guage as the called for yarn so I’ve got a calculator and lots of ratios nearby at all times.

Lifewise, we’ve been biking and I bought a new bike to get to and from school. I put fenders on it too, so it seems really transit ready. The grass is green as you can see from our pictures and Fred and Ginger like having the windows open.  D caught a picture of the knitter in her natural habitat…

There’s more to come, likely in a non-picture post, but I had to get this out of the way!