not a month!

Where does the time go! It’s the end of JUNE!

I keep meaning to write a big long post with pictures and commentary from my trip to Europe and Iceland. I just don’t have the wherewithall to do that. Life just keeps coming at warp speed and if I wait to do that I’ll never write again. Suffice to say, if you want to see pictures, I have them on the net, so send me an e-mail or a PM on Ravelry or the Knittyboard and I’ll send you a link.

What else. I’ve finished the honeymoon vest and I love it. I need to get pictures, but that’s for another day as D is out biking and I don’t want to take pictures with the self timer.  I’m nearly done the Charade socks. Finally!  Wendi will like that news. I was hoping tio use every last cm of the jitterbug yarn, but I think I won’t as I do want to be done.

Lifewise, school is going really well. I’m writing an article and have a second one thought out as well. When I get three, I can sandwich them together into a thesis and graduate. Seriously. This is GREAT news.

Homewise, we’ve got our garden going in the front and the tiger lilies are blooming. I love tiger lilies. We got up our birdfeeder, but I think it might be too close to the window – 2 birds came the first day and we haven’t seen any since Ginger took a leap at one of them. None have come since.  I guess birds don’t understand the glass concept.

I’ve been biking to school to try and save gas money – but by buying a bike I’m not really saving anything… It will take 100 days of biking to pay off the bike in saved gas, let alone the extra food and bike accessories I have bought.  I am getting fitter though.  I put a computer on the new bike today so I can see how fast I’m going.

Tomorrow’s Canada day. WillI lose my citizenship if I go out and mow all the little maple trees on Canada Day? The lawn needs mowing but the maple keys have all sprouted.

No posts without pictures right? Here’s me at ~2 at the cottage with our first dog, Morag.