I hate being sick. I’ve been feeling a  little off all week and then this morning it hit. I had an early morning meeting for the family business (7 am!) and was out of bed and running. I was feeling ill, but didn’t want to reschedule (it was just handoff, no real chance to infect the other person).  I should have come straight home, but I tried to push on and went to school.

I fell asleep on my desk for an hour before other people showed up and thought I was doing OK, but then I had to make the dash.  Luckily one of my friends was around and she got me something to drink and I left for home.  Also, luckily, the traffic had dissapated by then so I was able to get home fast.  I’ve slept all day but I still have a fever.

This sucks. It’s the long weekend.  I want to be in Norway – Aparently if you are sick on a weeked you can take a weekday off as compensation. hmmmm….

In more exciting news, we got a Wii Fit on Monday. Actually, I got a Wi Fit. D had said he would look around but I’m the one that finally got it.  It’s really fun. My Wii Fit age is older than my real age though and D’s is younger than me (he’s a few years older) so I’ve been gettin some ribbing. A lot is based on balance and I’m not great at standing perfectly still.  Too many years of standing at attention in marching bands trained me to do lots of little motions so I don’t topple over… so I fail lots of the “stand still” exercises. It is a lot of fun though.

I’d put up pictures, but I’m too gross to get off the couch and get the camera.  Suffice to say I’ll get some. Hopefully knitted FOs! I’ve got a few to show.

Edited to add:

D just completely messed up a ski jump on the Wii Fit – It puts “JUMP FAILED” on the scree, and your Mii becomes a snowball rolling down the hill. Darn being sick, I’m just watching him break all of my records.


Watching Olympics

It’s become a HUGE time suck here. Who knew there were so many interesting sports?  I was in the States last week at a conference and saw avlot of the US coverage so watching the Canadian Coverage is very interesting.

For my American readers (there are some of you right?!) I’m surprised by the first few notes of the NBC Olympic Fanfare – it’s the first fw notes of the Canadian National Anthem (O Canada). It really caught me by surprise a few times – I thought Canada had won a gold!

I’ve been really bad about posting.  I took all of these pictures over 2 weeks ago and  haven’t yet posted them.  The event was Stitch ‘n Pitch at the Toronto Blue Jays on August 5th.  The Jays played the A’s and won in the bottom of the 9th. Unfortunately we were on the train back out to the ‘burbs by then, so we were loosing when we left.  This is the event where AmyKnitty threw out the first pitch.

Since we were coming in from the ‘burbs we did a yarn crawl first. We had high hopes of hitting 3 yarn stores and 1 bead store, but the sheer size of Romni did us in.  Wendi had never been there before and I was asked to get a picture of her face on coming in.  The first one just on entering the front door. She hasn’t even spotted the yarn yet at this point… The rest are at the game or on the train home. We were so loud that people were leaving the car we were in. It was so funny, but I can’t remember why.

Finally I got those pictures up. I have good ones of cottaging to put up as well and stories from a trip to the states.

Hope all is well and that the Olympics are inspiring you to something else.

This is from school.

I’m bad. I should be working but I’ve just finished a major thing so I’m taking a break. Sure, the break started at 6:19 last night and it’s now 10:47 today, but a girl deserves a break right?

I’m busy getting ready for another conference. I think this is the last one for this year. Thankfully. I was really excited about the conferences, but now I know how much fiddley work it takes to get ready for a conference.

I’m going to seriously think twice before I present any more posters. They take a lot of time. I think a presentation would have been less work in the end.  For a poster I have to get the text JUST RIGHT as it has to stand alone for someone to walk up and read it. Then it’s always too wordy, so I have to cut out words. Then comes editing, cropping and choosing the right pictures to make people stop and look at the poster. Finally is all the fiddley stuff – getting the pictures all the same size, with a scale bar and alligned just right, with the right amount of white space and all the captions alligned.

Maybe my days as a yearbook editor are coming back to haunt me. I understand white space and allignment. I’m a big sucker for allignment, ever since my grade 4 science fair project – I had cut and pasted my heart out. My father came home and showed me how to use a set square to mark out rectangular boxes and I started over as it was all random.  Ever since – centering, allignment and matching is important.

Here’s a teaser – this is my research.  I won’t say more as it’s not published…

Enjoy the weekend. It’s a long one here so we’re off to the cottage.  Tuesday is Stitch ‘n Pitch in the Tdot, so I hopefully will have good pictures from that soon!