more knitting

This is a really old FO – you’ve seen the start, it’s been done since the spring, but I didn’t wear it much in the summer due to it being warmish here this summer.  Really rainy summer though.

It’s the Ivy League Vest from Interweave Knits, Winter 2007. I purchased a kit with the suggested yarn  from The Yarn and Fiber Company. The amount of yarn called for could have made 2 vests. In fact, I weighed the left overs of the colour that had only 1 ball and had more than 1/2 left, so I sold it as a kit. Hopefully I’ll see the other half vest made soon.

My gauge changed as I knit, so the top is much looser than the bottom.  I do like it though.

Pardon the hair in the first picture – It was after a  long day at school.

Here’s a Ravelry link for those of you over there.

Gotta go, Fred’s attacking my new project. It’s the Tusacany Shawl from Gloss, more later!


The knitting

I promised knitting, so here’s a start.

It’s the Aleita shell from Interweave knits. Knit in Katia Espiga we purchased in Olot, Spain on our honeymoon. I LOVE IT. It’s so easy to wear, the construction is really interesting and I get lots of compliments while wearing it.

We were lost, ended up on a tiny one way street and were stopped bysome construction. D looked out his side of the car window and we were stopped in front of a yarn store! It was closed for siesta, but we came back and choose this 100% cotton yarn.

I’m still not a fan of 100% cotton yarn, it makes my hands hurt, but I like this.

Note the gauge is completely wrong so there was lost of math involved. There is also an error on the back, but I DARE you to find it (and Wendi, you can’t try!). Yes, I had been swimming about 3 minutes before taking the pictures.

And Kirstie, this one’s for you.

New Toy

I’m sitting here watching D play the Wii. There’s a “step aerobics” activity on the Wii Fit disc and he’s trying it.  The man has NO sense of rythmn and the point is to step off and on the board at the same time as the Miis. It’s even got a little bar with what’s going to happen comin towards you like in Guitar Hero and he can’t do it.

We’ve finally found a video game where I am WAY better than him.

My new toy is a new camera. I’ve wanted one for a few months and I’ve been hinting for my birthday.  At Costco there was one we were checking out a few weeks ago and it looked really good in D’s web searching.  We were there last night and I got a Happy September present! YAY!

Here are some of my first pictures. I really wanted to take a picture on my ride to school. It looks really neat first thing in the morning.  I didn’t capture it in these pictures!  I’m going to try again, possibly earlier in the morning to try and get the look I want.  The far distance in this picture is the steel mills but close in the parks.

This is looking the other direction from the same spot into a large park and wilderness area.  The arrow is pointing to where my office is – between the smokestacks!  The three on the left are at the hospital where I was born.  I now sit less than 200 m from there.

And straight down the road are the new bikes lanes installed for those of us who are crazy enough to ride our bikes.

D is a master of taking the unflattering photo…

Tit for tat right?

Tomorrow, knitting content! (OK, more likely in a few days, but I swear, we got pictures)