done, passed, phew

seriously. it’s over.

thankfully it’s over.

That was one of the hardest months ever. I learned a lot, both about myself and my research. I did it.

Now to eat and sleep and return to a normal lifestyle.  No more sitting at home everyday reading and petting the cats (and knitting!).


Yesterday – A day I don’t want to repeat

We had a great weekend. Good bike ride, a visit from a friend, had good food. It was excellent.

D packed Sunday night for his overnight trip to the states and we went to bed and got up at the usual time. His flight was at noon from Buffalo to Providence RI via DC. He left our house at 8:30 am.

For those of you who know where we live and know the Buffalo Airport, you will know that is probably an hour to an hour and half earlier than necessary. I mentioned this to D and he reminded me that he did have to cross the border in the car and on a Monday morning who knows what it will be like.

Fine, I sent him off and dawdled around the house getting ready. Called my mom, had a little laugh at D leaving so early, got in the car and remembered to bring my camera. I’ve wanted to show he leaves on my commute for a few weeks now and I finally remembered.

I haven’t figured out how to make image POP with the computer retouching/messing with stuff, and I hope to once my comp is done (in a WEEK!!! HOLEY MOLEY!), so please look at these and make them about 10x more vivid.

Just after I took the second one and got my camera away and on the go again, my cell rang. It was D. What? It’s not like D to call me (1) during the day and (2) from his cell as it’s a company cell and they’re not supposed to call while driving. This was about 9:30.

His car broke down. On the highway. What to do?

I got thinking and realised that he could call a rental company and have them picked up and cal a tow truck, all of which would cost money OR I could go to him car, hand him my car and call the CAA as I’m a member and he’s not. My CAA membership is the level with 250 kms of free towing per year so we could have it towed right back to the dealer for service.

So I drove there really fast, pulled off the highway next to him and we swapped cars. Gave him a peck, told him not to worry and sent him on the way.

I was left sitting by the highway waiting for the CAA. Not the most inspiring view, but at least he’d managed to get the car onto a big triangle of asphalt between the on ramp and the highway so I felt safe.

It was only about 1/2 hour till the tow truck came and I had mentioned the car being all wheel drive so we needed a flatbed to carry it. I thought D’s car was big, but seeing it on the truck made it look tiny. It was like a baby animal catching a ride on it’s mommy.

Don’t know what the black line in the picture is, this was the best shot I could get without being on the on ramp!

I got a ride to the dealer in the next town over, then the dealer gave me a ride home.

The bad news came about 4 pm – major engine problem, need to remove engine from car and disassemble. Likely need a major repair. AND we’re 2000 kms off warranty. The dealer is going to try to sway corporate into helping us, but we’ll see…

So I’m stuck here, no transport. That hasn’t been a problem any other day I’m studying, but something about knowing I can’t go anywhere makes me a little crazy.

D’s back tonight, I should call the dealer now and get an update. Then start studying… it’s been 36 hours off and in 7 days from RIGHT NOW the exam will be over.

UPDATE October 22 – The carmaker is goign to fix it 100% on their dime. We’re just out a car for a few days.

Darned Springs! A photo essay.

We have two adorable cats. Well, they are adorable to D and I and that’s what counts. You’ve seen Fred starring in the alpaca love thread and Ginger being cute and putting up with Fred. Just to remind you, This is Fred.

And this is Ginger.

They have favourite toys – Lightweight plastic springs that skitter and bounce across the floor.  These are some examples.

Unfortunately, the spring size is less than the gap under the stove…

and under the fridge.

Yes, I’m due to vaccuum under there.

The problem is that I’m currently studying for my comprehensive exam. Lots of books, concentration needed.

Because I’m at home, Fred and Ginger think I’m available to pull out every spring that gets under the fridge and stove.  I’m trying to convince them otherwise.

I soon put Fred to work.  I pull out the stove pot drawer and this happens.

Note pink spring in mouth and whiskers in “walrus mode”.  This is one happy cat. I’m happy too, because I don’t have to reach in to get it myself.

Now to put the fridge on a jack so I can lift it to send him in.


In other news, we’ve been riding a bit. Last weekend we did a charity ride and  I was able to fit my new camera in my pocket.  This is us post ride, waiting for the BBQ.  I married such a  cute guy.

Thanks to D for the technical support on this post. Ubuntu is based on Linux, so the file extensions are case sensitive.  My new camera files are not case sensitive.