I’m not crazy

I’ve had an ongoing battle with a major telecommunications provider for the past 2 years. When I moved here with D, I had a cell phone, internet and land phone line. I transferred the land phone line to my former housemate, but kept the internet and cell phone in my name. I had a 6 year relationship with this company when we learned that if we combined my cell, and internet with D’s land line we would get a good discount.  I was already paying all three bills, so this seemed like a good idea.

I filled out the forms and sent them in using my name, account numbers and everything.  To my surprise, the company decided to put all 3 accounts in my husband’s name.  I could no longer communicate with the company, even though I had initiated the paperwork, had a good history and paid the bills.

I tried calling them. No dice. I’m not the “account holder” on the record.  This company only deals with issues like this between 9 am and 5 pm. D works 8:30 till 5:30. He finally found the time to wait the 40 minutes on the phone to get me on as a user about 8 months ago.

Remember my cell phone? I was on a contract that expired in November while we were in Vegas. The company called the cell phone during the day and asked to speak with D. I said no and asked who was calling. They told me they were calling to offer D a new plan, but they couldn’t talk to me as I was not the account holder, I was just a user. I’ve had this phone and contract for over 8 years at that point. They refused to talk to me.

At this point I started using the word chattle to describe myself when I tried to deal with them. I was good enough to pay the bill, I’d had a long relationship with this company, but apparently I was no longer a person of value in the relationship.

We delved a bit deeper into the bill and realised that $150 a month for basic internet, a land line that is rarely used for long distance and a cell phone that is used for less than an hour a month is NOT a good deal. So we transfered to a VOIP phone, cable internet an  the last holdout is my cellphone – we’ve been out of the area on the 22nd of each month since November so I needed to call and give the 20 days notice required to cancel the bill.

I called in and talked with the customer service agent.  Since I ask about how to go about leaving their company they ask why. I started in about not being able to manage the accounts. She explained the company line again (I’m a user, not the account holder). I asked her to look at the history and she agreed that I had a good history, I paid the bills etc. but there was nothing she could do to change the account holder. I asked to put in the 30 days notice and she said she had to transfer me.

I waited on hold for about 3 minutes, then the customer service agent came back on the line, laughing. She said “I’m so sorry about this, but it needs to be the account holder to cancel the service. I hate to do this, I now understand your frustration even more. Is D around to speak to the other agent?”

D got on the phone and explained yet again to the cancellations agent the whole drama and we got the 30 day notice in.

I usually would be annoyed yet again, but the fact the first lady was laughing when she realised exactly why I was annoyed made my day.  If it’s ridiculous enough that she caught it I’m not crazy.


The Dress Dilemma is SOLVED!

img_0343-blogRemember my dress dilemma?

It’s solved! We found a great dress in Vegas. It’s great – the colour is festive, the fit is loose so I can eat a lot and I can fit a bra under it (obviously not the bra shown in the picture!!).

Thank you for the good advice everyone. I went with sparkely in the end!

Random Wednesday

I’m tired. too tired to get pictures together, to tired to make this flow, but I have to points out 3 things.

1. How random is it that the 403 (like an urban interstate for the ‘mericans) was closed this morning because of DEER on the highway? They made it through the fences and it was closed at HWY 6. Luckily I noticed it wasn’t moving before I got on so I took the super secret backroad/cyclist knowledge method to get to school, but that would have sucked to have been stuck there. It’s 7 kms from where I get on to where the closure was, and there are no exits in that 7 kms.

2. Mid October, D gets a call from the credit card company. His card’s been “compromised”.  New one to be issued immediately, go pick it up from the bank in 2-3 business days. 3 weeks later he still hadn’t gotten it. Now today, I get the call that my number’s been compromised.  No unusual charges, nothing I didn’t charge on it, but I get to go through the hassle now. I was planning on shopping this weekend and making some online charity donations. Guess D can pay me back for all the stuff I bought him in the weeks he didn’t have a card.

Neither of us have had this happen before. Makes me wonder what we’ve done lately to bring it on…

edited Dec. 5 – less than 24 hours AFTER I called TD VISA I had my new card in my hands. It was shipped to the local branch and I was able to pick it up last night on my way home from school.  That was what was supposed to happen with D’s card, but didn’t. He pays an annual fee for his card (we got a bit of it back for our troubles), I don’t. hmmmm.

3. This article. Read it. It explains so much. I see it all the time at school. A large portion of young women have given up.  I don’t understand the bags and pants with “tna” written all over them. Sure, it’s a company logo, but it’s not a good TLA (Three Letter Acronym). Everything is so shallow, it’s either love or hate. There’s BFFs and nothing else. What about regular friends? What about being smart? What about differences being beautiful?

If that’s not random, I don’t know what is.