It’s not February…

but I have the sweater for it.

I jumped on the bandwagon and knit the February Lady Sweater.  It has 3730 projects on Ravelry.

I used Cascade 220 handpaints in colourway 9930. It used 4 skeins. Every last little bit of 4 skeins.

If I did it again, I would do a few more rows before starting the lace pattern. I think the bunching under the arms is caused by not having enough length there.

Enough writing. You want pictures.



I had to crop my head out. I had horrible expressions as it was about -15C while we were taking pictures.



The world seems to be coming at me really fast these days. So much happening.

Knitting, I finished my February Lady Sweater. Lots of compliments while wearing it today.  D’s socks are fitting this far.

We had a great Secret Santa with my knitting group last week. We decided to do it in January and it was really fun. My secret Santa got me a book I really wanted, Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns. She also gifted me with 2 skeins of handpainted sock yarn it’s the one called Damsel on this page, but it’s much pinker in the dye lot that I now have.  Kim, thank you again. I will take pictures in daylight sometime to show the yarn really well. It’s very pretty and soft.

The book was handed around the group and there are a lot of patterns that willbe knitted around the table I think. Have a look for yourself sometime!

What else. We’re getting back into snowboarding season again. We booked tickets and a hotel in Aspen for February 10-15 (time for the SES again). We did a bit of a photoshoot at MSLM this weekend

img_0464-croppedAmazing what cropping out everyone else in an image will do for the centre of attention!

img_0463-croppedThat’s me, going against the flow. I’m like a salmon swimming upstream. Note the man doing a great pylon impression. Since he’s on skis, we call him a “go-lon” as go-lons are known to start moving when you least expect it.

img_0477-croppedThis one shows my girlish figure.

img_0470-croppedThis one’s my favourite. Look at me GO!!!

That’s all for now.

Quick question – can you see the links I’ve put into this post? There are four. I noticed the other day that in this template the linked text is not really visible. Perhaps I should change my template?

How the Dress Dilemma Turned Out

We went to a very chilly Saskatoon (high in the mid -30s) and had a marvellous time at D’s brother’s wedding the weekend before Christmas.  I was asked to do a reading, D was the best man (of course!).

I think we looked smashing.


We do clean up well.  I’ve never seen D in a tux before.

D’s mom treated me to a hair styling appointment on the day of the wedding. The put some thickener spray in my hair but didn’t tell me! When I showered the next morning, the suds from the shampoo looked like hot chocolate! Scared the daylights outta me! Had to have D confirm that I was still a brunette (the mirror in the bathroom was too foggy to see!).

The wedding itself was beautiful. The ceremony had laughter and tears. The bride was radiant. I was seated near the podium so I couldn’t see my BIL for the ceremony, but he sure looked happy when he turned to walk down the aisle.


We had a blast.