Another BSJ Done and a New Project Started

I have to post again. I’ve gotten out of the habit.

I finished a BSJ this weekend for D’s coworker’s baby. I used Cascade 220 superwash paints. It’s pretty. I needed 1.7 balls (by mass!) that’s about 375 yards of worsted or aran weight yarn.

img_0809-small I only made 3 buttonholes because I don’t like a lot of buttons on my clothes. I hope the babys belly doesn’t get cold! The chest circumference is 19″ so is won’t fit the baby for a while, but hopefully it will be next fall/winter so it gets worn.

I started the woven bands pullover for D from interweave knits.  He bought the subscription so he should get a sweater!  I will say I’m using the pattern as a “suggestion” as the smallest size is smaller than D, I can’t get the row gauge right in a fabric we like (the sweater is knit side to side so row gauge is very important), it’s got 3/4 length sleeves and a boat neck.

I’m about 8″ up the right sleeve now. At this rate it might be done while it’s still cool enough to wear sweaters to work (or he’ll broil one day to wear it because it’s done).

I’m using the suggested Cascade Ecological Wool and it smells a bit farmy when wet. Fred can smell it when it’s dry. He took off with one of the skeins when it arrived here and has adopted the swatches as his own. He’s a very picky cat – only alpaca and ecological wool. Maybe something about south american yarn? He really did like the stuff my mom brought me back from Peru as well.

Anyways, pictures of the swatch in action


img_0807-smallMaybe I’ll have a pair of socks done next?

It’s getting nice here so we got our second bike ride of the year in today. The BBQ also came out.  Finally the sun has some heat to it!



I haven’t sewn in years. I had to dust off the machine after seeing this pattern. I stayed up too late last night and converted this:

img_0791bloginto this:



I did use the pattern, but I did modify it significantly.

I widened the strap to 1.5″, so the strip was 3.5″.  I then also cut a strip2″ wide and 23″ long from both the black and the lining to add a gusset.  I sewed the gusset in at the appropriate time and topstitched it on the outside after assembling the outer shell.

I also put the strap in while sewing the top and bottom together by putting it between the right sides of the lining and the outer shell.  I then stiched a box and an x at the end of each strap for strength.

The material is cotton twill. When I make another one, I will use something with a little more body for the outer shell. This buckles a bit much.

If there’s something that’s not clear about what I changed, let me know!