Scenes from Biking

I bike. I try to bike a lot. I’m at over 600 kms for this year. I had hoped to be further along than that, but it’s a good number.

Doing 600 kms means I’ve spent a lot of time on my bike as well. Almost every ride has something to remember.  Last night it was a city bus running a red light. It had waited a long time, but it just pulled forward and turned left on a red. Everyone around was really shocked.

Last week I had my closest call yet with a vehicle.  I was in the left hand turn lane and a truck decided to pass me on the right and then pull into the lane before fully passing me.  I was going fast (~30 km/h) and I don’t think the trucker expected me to be going that fast.  I had to pull right over to the curb and jam on the brakes to avoid being hit.

I managed to remember the truck number, then I caught up to the truck at the next intersection and remembered the company name and street. A little googling led me to an e-mail address so I sent an e-mail. I didn’t want to get the driver fired, I wanted him to be warned that he had nearly hit me.

I am very impressed by the response of the company. I’ve have contact from two people including the driver supervisor wanting more information.  They both expressed that the company wants to make sure theirs drivers drive safely and that they will be educating all the drivers better.

I think I did my little bit with that one.


cottaging 2009

Cottaging 2009 got off to a great start this weekend.  Victoria Day in Canada.  The official start to good food and friends with beer.

We were up at an aunt’s cottage with cousins, friends and babies. So many pictures, I’ll put up a gallery. Never done this before, but I’ll let you tell me what you think.