boring post

It’s been forever since I posted. I got in a rut – but a good rut. I got most of my thesis written and I’m awaiting comments from supervisor #2. I’m looking around for post docs and trying to stay healthy. There’s something in the air around. Not sure if it’s the H1N1 or just a cold, but it’s gross. I’m tired and achy today. That might be goin to the gym for the first time this fall though. 20 minutes on a treadmill will do that to me.

Knitting wise I’ve done a lot. There are pictures, but I can’t find the energy to get the camera and deal with editing pictures. I guess there’ll a photo heavy post in the near future. WordPress changed it’s way of adding pictures a few months ago and I find it really frustrating to do.

Thanksgiving was this weekend. Did some biking, ate turkey, made and ate turkey pot pie and biked some more. Gotta work it off somehow!

Fred the cat is insane. He hasn’t liked being brushed. Turns out he realised the hoomans get brushed in the bathroom, so he should too. None of this brushing in the living room thing. Good thing to figure out as he has the long fluffy hair that needs it.

Fall has come with a vengance. This summer never existed and now it’s cold. I’m not complaining about fall, I like it, but I didn’t wear most of my summer wardrobe this year. Maybe I need to find a postdoc somewhere warm?

OK, back to relaxing. It’s very important at this point in the process.