The Dress

I’m crazy.

I decided to buy yarn to knit a wrap dress from fingering weight yarn.

Think about that for a minute. A wrap dress has two fronts instead of the normal one. Fingering weight – 7 stitches to the inch. I had 13 balls of Baby Ull. Over 2 kilometers of yarn. 2140m of the navy, 330m of the green.

I decided that if I was going to do this dress, it would be done FAST.

I did have a secret weapon – my friend recently purchased a knitting machine.  She offered it up to knit the stockinette portions of the dress. Luckily I’m the smallest size, so all of the panels had less than the 200 needles on her machine. Every bit of blue was machine knit, the green was hand knit.

The pattern is the Wrap Dress from Knit So Fine.  The Yarn is Baby Ull from Dale of Norway.

I don’t know what else to say. The seaming took forever. The mattress stitch made the seams lovely. The colour isn’t showing up well because the sun went away as soon as the hockey game started.  I finished my Olympic project during the Gold Medal game. I’m glad I’m not knitting right now as the tension would be all wonky.


Knitting Olympics

Last Friday, the start of the socks that will kill me in Sock Wars V paid me a visit. They’re off to the States now, but I have a bit of breathing time… just enough time to start another speed knitting contest.

This time it’s the knitting olympics. Pick a project that will be a stretch to complete during the Olympics, cast on during the opening ceremony and start knitting.

I picked the wrap dress from knit so fine. A dress knit in fingering weight yarn.

Yes, I’m crazy.

A friend has recently obtained a knitting machine and I asked her if I could use it to do the miles of stockinette. She said yes, so I’ve been visiting her house to do the knitting of the large panels.

I thought I was off to a great start the night of the opening ceremonies, only to find that I’d missed a second set of increases, totaling 48 stitches. That meant the skirt would be a hobble skirt! Then I found a second error and that I was doing the increases in a way that made large holes in the selvedges of the panel. It got ripped and I restarted. Try two was better, but still not 100%, so yesterday (day 5 of 17!) I finally got the largest panel done. I have 8 panels to do, 2 of which need hand manipulation after completion, and a very long tie/collar to hand knit. Then the sewing – I’ll be sewing forever on this one.

We had a cast on party at my friend with the machine’s house. There are pictures…

Vaedri started a pair of knee socks with cables on the purl side to start. I hear they made it through security for a long flight, so hopefully they are getting worked on.

I cast on with the machine. I have a lot of red eye in the pictures from last friday. I swear I’m not a vampire.

L was scrounging to find the right needles as the National Anthem was butchered. TV screen shown to prove we didn’t start early.

Knitted Squirrel is doing socks (I think). I know they  started with I-cord so we were having a discussion about that.

I didn’t end up with pictures of V or Knitted Piper. I don’t know what happened there.

I do know that Tiger had the best seat in the house.

I swear he’s smiling.