Knitting Olympics

Last Friday, the start of the socks that will kill me in Sock Wars V paid me a visit. They’re off to the States now, but I have a bit of breathing time… just enough time to start another speed knitting contest.

This time it’s the knitting olympics. Pick a project that will be a stretch to complete during the Olympics, cast on during the opening ceremony and start knitting.

I picked the wrap dress from knit so fine. A dress knit in fingering weight yarn.

Yes, I’m crazy.

A friend has recently obtained a knitting machine and I asked her if I could use it to do the miles of stockinette. She said yes, so I’ve been visiting her house to do the knitting of the large panels.

I thought I was off to a great start the night of the opening ceremonies, only to find that I’d missed a second set of increases, totaling 48 stitches. That meant the skirt would be a hobble skirt! Then I found a second error and that I was doing the increases in a way that made large holes in the selvedges of the panel. It got ripped and I restarted. Try two was better, but still not 100%, so yesterday (day 5 of 17!) I finally got the largest panel done. I have 8 panels to do, 2 of which need hand manipulation after completion, and a very long tie/collar to hand knit. Then the sewing – I’ll be sewing forever on this one.

We had a cast on party at my friend with the machine’s house. There are pictures…

Vaedri started a pair of knee socks with cables on the purl side to start. I hear they made it through security for a long flight, so hopefully they are getting worked on.

I cast on with the machine. I have a lot of red eye in the pictures from last friday. I swear I’m not a vampire.

L was scrounging to find the right needles as the National Anthem was butchered. TV screen shown to prove we didn’t start early.

Knitted Squirrel is doing socks (I think). I know they  started with I-cord so we were having a discussion about that.

I didn’t end up with pictures of V or Knitted Piper. I don’t know what happened there.

I do know that Tiger had the best seat in the house.

I swear he’s smiling.


One comment

  1. Agreed. That’s not a smile on Tiger’s face. It’s a smirk while he’s thinking about you knitting the long tie of doom.
    Looks like it was a fun night, though!

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