Again, no pictures

I”m a bit under the weather today, so walking to the computer with the pictures just isn’t going to happen.  I hate being sick. D thinks this might be an uber-migraine that hit during the night so I missed the aura, but I want to feel better. I always get sick at Christmas.

This year is looking very low-key for christmas. Sure, both of my siblings are in town, one with her very own husband, but we really only have running around on Christmas day, a visit with old friends on Boxing day and a trip to see D’s father on the 27th. Then we’re free till the 3rd of January.

Good thing we’re free as we have to establish some systems in the house. We’ve lived here for 7.5 years, but for all of that I have been a student or at home. As of January 3rd, I have a full-time job in my area of study.  Luckily it’s a 15 minute drive away, not further (and I should be able to bike it in the summer), but being gone all day every workday will be a shift. I’ve been on my own schedule for so long that showing up and doing a full day is going to feel like punishment.

We’ve got to figure out cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping. Lists will be made, order will be brought!