The week.

Last week was a blur. Didn’t make muffins, can’t remember what I cooked. This week is looking up though.

The muffins are oatmeal with blueberry from Epicurious. When they say “makes 18 regular” they mean it!  I don’t use the epicurious webpage much, but I love the app for my ipod touch.  I can search by ingredient and it shows up front what percentage of people would make the recipe again.  Also, the comments tend to have good ideas for modifying the recipe.  We have several recipes in high rotation that I found on epicurious.

Monday night we went grocery shopping and purchased a hot cooked chicken. One breast became chicken on a chicken caesar salad for dinner.  Some of the chicken became curried chicken salad with grapes and pecans for Tuesday’s lunch

Tuesday we dined on Beef and Broccoli stirfry from the Dieticians of Canada Cook Great Food. Leftovers for lunch today

Tonight was supposed to be risotto, but I wasn’t in the mood to stir or for really hot heavy food, so we got pizza instead. There is enough left over for me to have it for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a chicken pot pie that we will bake at my Grandfather’s house. He’s written a memoir and D has been asked to take a photo for the back flap.  We will then eat there. Grandpa doesn’t have a driver’s license anymore (he’s 96 or 97) so having visitors really helps perk him up. When I phoned to say we’d be by with dinner, he responded with “that’ll be first class”!  I follow the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for an inspiration, but I use Mr. President’s butter puff pastry for the top and add way more veggies!

Friday is ribs. I’m thinking cook in the slowcooker all day, then char on the BBQ. Gotta get thinking about that more.  Maybe I should move risotto to Friday and do ribs Saturday when I’ll have more time to think about it.  hmm. I’m fluid in my meal planning.

I’d write more, but the job is boring and I’m exhausted at the end of it, so I haven’t been doing much.  Food is a highlight!