We Dyed

That’s a “Y” dyed, not an “I” died.

For the third time, my knitting gang descended on my house and we dyed yarn. This year we purchased undyed yarn from a more local company called Acme Fibres.  The yarn was lovely. I did have to wash it before my friends came to get rid of the spinning oils which was a bit of fun as we had 18 skeins of yarn total, but we had 7 types of yarn total.  Keeping them separate, untangled, and knowing which skein was which proved a challenge, but in the end, we all ended up with what we wanted.

Once again, we sed the jacqurad acid dyes from Knitpicks. We have a setup of squirt bottles, a steamer, tongs, spray bottle of vinegar, plastic wrap and lots of plastic gloves. All of this other stuff besides the dyes was purchases at a thrift store (roasting pan for steaming) or dollar store (everything else). I think we’re going to upgrade the squirt bottles next time as the dollar store ones started leaking and that’s really frustrating.

I dyed two skeins. One was the Bamberino Superwash sock. For it I used an extra squirt bottle and diluted a few colours. At first it was a pastel clown barf, but then I overdyed it all with diluted silver grey and the end result is lovely.

The second skein was a thank you to D for letting us take over the house with dyes and yarn. This will be socks for him. It’s the Cashmerino superwash sock. So soft after washing. Again, lots of grey and black with a hit of red and green.

The past week has been a writeoff. There’s a back to school cold going around and I’ve been on the couch since I caught it on Tuesday. I had no idea my body could use so many tissues. Garbage pails full. Boxes empty. I moved on to the lotion ones because my poor nose was raw.  Hopefully I’ll get better soon, but the combo of smaller lungs from baby taking up my torso and inability to breath from the cold has me on the disabled list.

Speaking of baby, we’re taking donations for orthodontics. Both D and I had braces growing up and according to our latest ultrasound baby is a thumbsucker. We opted out of knowing the sex so you (and we!) will have to wait.

(psst. if you don’t like ultrasound pictures, go somewhere else now!)





20 weeks down, 20 ish to go!



I’m back

It’s been a while. Where was I. Oh yes, Chilton Pullover knit-a-long.  That’s not going so well. I had to back out. I have no idea what size I’ll be by next summer. I’m already up a few sizes…

Apparently it’s not just food, it’s a baby.  Due early February, we will not find out the sex and we’re excited yet shocked in a good way – is this really happening?

Knitting wise it’s been an OK summer. I finished a Rock Island Shawl and it’s gorgeous. I used a small part of a skein of Auntie Boo Laceweight (I have nieces and nephews that call me Auntie Boo, so it’s weird to have that be the name of Claire’s company!).  The colourway is Clockwork Orange and it’s GORGEOUS yarn. Not solid, but not too variegated.

The colour is more accurate in the first picture. Must go back and tweak the second photo to get the colour right.

I also did some SISC (Self Imposed Sock Club) knitting, but the socks turned into armwarmers. They just wouldn’t go over my ankle and I’d been knitting for so long!  I need pictures for them and a few other projects.

What else. Been to France, been camping, been cottaging, avoiding storms at cottages and camping… a typical summer.

We have been biking, but the midwife allows only 1 hour of exercise at a stretch – 15 minutes warm up, 30 minutes at 140 bpm max then 15 minute cool down.  Not the 2-3 hours averaging 175 to 185 bpm that I’m used to. We’ve found a few short flat loops for me, then D does some rides on his own or bikes home while I drive over the hills. The interesting thing is that these short slow rides are really improving his fitness. He’s noticed a big change in his harder rides from the slow rides. We’ve been reading that low heartrate training really helps for years, but it was really hard to do. This was a hard lesson to learn, but we’ve learned it. Definately a slow and steady wins the race kind of thing.

I have no kitten pictures, but I might have to start referring to them as cats now – they are 5 after all. They both seemed to know I was pregnant before I did. Fred has become uber-snuggly and Ginger is fascinated with my belly. I can’t wait for the day my belly punches her back!  Fred has let us try swaddling him in blankets we were given. He’s so mellow!