The Dinner Plan

I had a few comments from people that they liked reading my meal plans back when I was working. I’m a little more fluid with the plan now that I’m at home, but I still try to shop once in a week and make things last.

Last week I shopped on Friday. I had a list, but it included such inspiring options as “meat” and “veggies”. Luckily the store and market came through.

I found a lovely sirloin steak on sale for 30% off the $8 tag. It was great grilled on Friday night with cauliflower from the market doused in cheese sauce. Probably not the most healthy meal, but baby wanted it!

The leftover steak became fajitas on Saturday. The store I’ve recently started shopping at sells corn tortillas in a bag of 30 for $1.69. That’s way less than flour tortillas and they taste so much yummier. They do need heating, but I don’t mind. Fajitas are a fallback in our house. We always have sour cream, tomatoes, salsa and red pepper in the fridge and, worst case,  we can thaw a chicken breast and make fajitas with some fajita seasoning that we keep in stock in the cupboard.

That was Saturday dinner. Sunday was supposed to be a pork loin roast, but we got in late from visiting friends (and playing bridge, but that makes us sound 70 instead of in our 30’s!) so we changed up the plan and made blackened tilapia with corn and tomato salsa from a Cooking Light cookbook we have on the shelf.  It was fast and easy – make up a spice mix, rub into fish fillets (was supposed to be catfish, but we have tilapia), fry in a pan.  The salsa was as easy – fry corn and tomatoes in garlic oil, then add some green onions, thyme and wine vinegar. Rice on the side, good dinner.

Tonight was the roast pork loin. The store had half loins on sale for cheap, so I got one and cut it up into roasts and chops. One roast into the fridge, the others into the freezer. A sprinkle of Fines Herbs my mom made a few years back and into the over for 80 minutes. First 10 at 450, then down to 250 until an internal temperature of 165.  I no longer roast without a thermometer. This has saved me so much money in not overcooking meat.  Sides were mashed potatoes and braised cabbage with bacon, apples and balsamic vinegar from Jamie Oliver. The cabbage is really yummy, but it takes way longer than the recipe says and I always forget that. This time I wrote right in the book to remind me next time!

Later this week we have addictive sweet potato burritos planned and perhaps Alton Brown’s chicken piccata (I bought lemons, everything else is already in the house).  That should get us through till Wednesday when I will shop again. I have to get snacks for Thursday because I’m working for 13.5 hours straight as a poll clerk in the provincial election. Apparently, no really meals get eaten, but lots of snacks do so I need to stock up.

Muffins have been off the plan for sheer laziness. Maybe now that I’m getting my energy back I’ll do some again soon.

Once again, it’s a post without pictures. Maybe next time? We’re behind on the belly shots.