OK, it’s been another month. A busy month, but a whole month. I had good intentions of posting more often but life happened.

I opened my etsy store – SPALC Designs.  So far I’ve posted a few scarves and hats that I made on my knitting machine. I hope to get up some baby hats soon.  The hardest part of putting up a store was getting good pictures of the product, not actually making the stuff. I didn’t expect that.

Basement renovations are ongoing. We’re up to drywall. Hopefully that will be done in the next 2 weeks. Then paint, floor, ceiling, trim…. Christmas???? I hope.

Baby preparations are coming along. I’m accumulating some stuff. We have a car seat, some clothes and a crib in the house and a stroller on the way. Baby is also growing inside.

24 weeks – Thanksgiving weekend.



24 weeks – about to burst out of my bibs. If we get out again, I bet I’ll be in D’s shorts.




26 weeks – dirty window and allAnd it’s all belly – from the back at 24 weeks.

OK, back to baking.